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Areas covered include:

*  Love and Relationships

*  Career and Work

*  Lost Items and Pets

*  Guidance for Future Goals

*  More

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Psychic Readings by Gail Petronio


 I am Gail Petronio and I am happy to offer my services to you here at I have been working as a professional psychic for more than 30 years, and in that time have worked in a variety of public and private settings. As a psychic, I've collaborated with detectives in solving and bringing closure to their cases. I appeared on the television program “Our Time”, which was hosted by Florence Henderson, and have worked with celebrities and countless others to provide guidance.  professional accurate honest psychic

I was born with the gift of “seeing” which became evident when I was very young. My family and friends recognized early on, my intuitive abilities to describe events that had yet to happen. This ability has continued throughout my life.

In the 1970’s at the age of 23, I set out on a journey that would forever change my life, my world view and perception of reality. The journey began with a flight to London and from there; I traveled solo throughout the tumultuous regions of the Middle East and Asia. I lived and worked in Mc Leod Ganj (the Tibetan refugee camp and home to his Holiness, the Dalai Lama). I worked alongside the late Dr. Amala Lobsang Dolma as a volunteer and apprentice to Tibetan medicine for years.

Upon my return to the United States, I became an RN and worked in various conventional health care settings for 20 years. I have been involved with a variety of alternative forms of healing arts for more than 30 years. My study of alternative forms of healing arts continues, and I am certified in Reiki Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release. The unique experience of living, working and studying at the Kushi Institute in Lee, Massachusetts has enhanced, complimented, and fine-tuned my psychic awareness. I have worked and studied with highly acclaimed teachers such as Wendy and Ed Esko, Alex Jack, Dr. Marc Van Cauwenberghe, Denny and Melanie Waxman, Diane Avole, Christina Pirello, ShizukoYamamoto and Michio Kushi, to name just a few. I successfully completed certification in the many phases of Macrobiotics, including shiatsu, counseling and medicinal cooking techniques. All this to say that I have continued to explore the world of intuition on many levels throughout my life. It is my sincere hope to offer my intuitive abilities and insights as a means to provide awareness of one’s life and destiny.

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